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GALCON Engineering Pvt.Ltd

Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant Turnkey Solutions & All Spares

GALCON Products... The ultimate choice for Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment


Galcon Brand Hot Dip Galvanizing furnaces are the most fuel efficient & almost maintenance free. Our furnaces are designed to achieve the maximum utilisation of thremal input from the used fuel and it provides a much more longer life to the zinc kettle

GALCON Galvanizing kettles are made out of special steel with minimum Silicon Sulphur and phosphorus. Our aerodynamically designed 'JELLYBEAN KETTLES' and its Flat bottom versions are the first preference for Any Galvanizing Industry around the Globe.

Galcon brand HDG plants are equipped with All process tanks ( PP Tanks for Pretreatment and non-corrosive steel for post treatment ), Drying Oven with Lid, Economizer, Automatic Pulse-fired Hi-Velocity Combustion Equipment, Complete Fume Extraction System with scrubber ( Both Acid fume & White fume ) Effluent treatment plant (ETP), Control Panel etc. There is also option for sale of individual components for the plant, Spares for existing HDG Plants

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Global Solutions

GALCON ENGINEERING is present in India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh & China.




Fuel Efficiency Excellence

Member & Faculty

India Lead Zinc Development Association

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